Woman Massage

Woman Massage

Hi! 🙂

My name is Mar­ti­na. I am a yoga tea­cher, mindful­ness ins­truc­tor and mas­sa­ge the­ra­pist. I
have been stu­dy­ing dif­fe­rent approa­ches and tech­ni­ques such as Shi­atsu, Thai Mas­sa­ge,
Soma­tic Expe­ri­ence, Clas­sic Well­ness Mas­sa­ge, Lomi-Lomi Nui, Tan­tra, and Ayur­ve­da, and
my rese­arch is in con­stant evo­lu­ti­on.

My approach is non-dis­cri­mi­na­ting and sen­si­ti­ve to trau­ma. I make sure my cli­ents feel seen,
safe, respec­ted and loved. The­se are essen­ti­al con­di­ti­ons to sup­port their heal­ing pro­cess.
Based on my expe­ri­ence, I adapt the tech­ni­ques accor­ding to each person’s needs and
con­di­ti­ons as I think is most func­tion­al and appro­pria­te.
At Honig­see­le I offer ses­si­ons exclu­si­ve­ly for women.

I am loo­king for­ward to mee­ting you!

More info on waveonyoga.com

Lan­guages: Eng­lish, Ger­man, Ita­li­an and French

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Offers & Prices

Pregnan­cy mas­sa­ge
85 € 60 min.

Pregnan­cy mas­sa­ge is effec­ti­ve in redu­cing ten­si­on and phy­si­cal pain, water reten­ti­on in the legs and feet, anxie­ty and stress. It also has a posi­ti­ve effect on the hor­mo­n­al balan­ce and the health of the baby. This mas­sa­ge can be boo­ked from the 4th month of pregnan­cy

Post­na­tal mas­sa­ge
85 € 60 min.

Beco­ming a mother is a new adven­ture that is as won­derful as it is chal­len­ging.
This mas­sa­ge will make you feel pam­pe­red and give you the ener­gy you need to cope with ever­y­day life. This mas­sa­ge can be star­ted as ear­ly as 8 weeks after a natu­ral birth, or as late as 12 weeks after a caesare­an sec­tion. This tech­ni­que, which is very simi­lar to the rela­xing decon­trac­ting oil mas­sa­ge, helps to res­to­re the right balan­ce bet­ween body and mind.

Heal­ing mas­sa­ge for the soul
ab 85 €

Full body mas­sa­ge with warm sesa­me oil and an essen­ti­al oil of your choice. This tre­at­ment is desi­gned for women who need a lot of pam­pe­ring to heal the soul. It includes seve­ral tech­ni­ques and the touch is slow and gent­le, deep but also light like a car­ess. It also includes mobi­li­sa­ti­on of the main joints and helps to release ten­si­ons while the per­son beco­mes more awa­re of their body.

  • 60 min — 85 €
  • 90 min — 110 €.
Earth and sky
65 € 40 min

Foot, neck, head, face and décol­le­té mas­sa­ge. An anti-stress pam­pe­ring tre­at­ment to rech­ar­ge your bat­te­ries. Gent­le and skilful hands ensu­re rela­xa­ti­on and well-being.
and crea­te a deep sen­se of groun­ded­ness and inner peace.



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