Let’s Just Walk

Gui­ded Wal­king Medi­ta­ti­on in Ber­lin

“If you miss the here, you are likely also to miss the the­re”
- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Hello & Welcome

We are very hap­py that you are here! We invi­te you to join us for Gui­ded
Wal­king Medi­ta­ti­on in Ber­lin.

About guided walking meditation:

“See­king still­ness in moti­on.” We just walk for the sake of wal­king. Slo­wing down, coming back to the body here and now. Brin­ging atten­ti­on to the pre­sent moment and enjoy­ing it.

During our time tog­e­ther we try out dif­fe­rent tools for wal­king medi­ta­ti­on. We
will Walk, Move, Stand and Sit and we will do our best to do it mindful­ly. This is
the inten­ti­on.

What to expect:

  • Expe­ri­ence the basics of wal­king medi­ta­ti­on
  • Find an addi­ti­on or alter­na­ti­ve to sit­ting medi­ta­ti­on
  • A tool­kit, for wal­king medi­ta­ti­on in dai­ly life
  • Prac­ti­ce Awa­re­ness of Wal­king and Awa­re­ness of the Body
  • Enjoy sim­ply wal­king

Good to know

We meet in front of Honig­see­le: Horn­stra­ße 1 10963 Ber­lin. Plea­se be on time so that we can start on time. We will be the­re at 16:15 and at 16:30 we start our walk towards Gleis­drei­eck Park.

We end our walk with sea­ted medi­ta­ti­on at the cozy space of Honig­see­le whe­re after­wards we will offer you warm tea with a nou­ris­hing vege­ta­ri­an snack.

In Dyna­mic Mindful­ness ever­y­bo­dy is wel­co­me and nobo­dy is being jud­ged.
Come as you are.
Book your sport soon. The­re is limi­t­ed space!
We look for­ward to just walk with you.

Katya & Rijk

Satur­day, Novem­ber 11 · 16:30 — ca 19:00

Honig­see­le — Horn­stra­ße 1, 10963 Ber­lin

Let’s Just Walk
10 €


Katya is a cer­ti­fied Dyna­mic Mindful­ness, pre- and post­na­tal Yoga Tea­cher. Her con­scious yoga prac­ti­ce began with Iyen­gar yoga in 2012. She has been living in Ber­lin sin­ce 2014. Loo­king for more free­dom in her yoga prac­ti­ce she star­ted to move away from line­ar move­ments and guru based tra­di­ti­on, which brought her to Dyna­mic Mindful­ness School in Ber­lin. In 2021, she finis­hed Foun­da­tio­nal Dyna­mic Mindful­ness Tea­cher Trai­ning with Tat­ja­na Mesar.

Later on, she com­ple­ted a Sacred Birth Pre­na­tal Yoga & Dou­la Trai­ning and Post­na­tal Yoga Tea­cher Trai­ning at Awa­ken­ed Spi­rit Yoga with Julia Forest, Ste­fa­nie Antu­nes and Ale­xa Rit­ti­chier.

She con­ti­nues her edu­ca­ti­on with Tat­ja­na. Gro­wing up with her four-year-old child. Bes­i­des yoga and mindful­ness she has a pas­si­on for pho­to­gra­phy as she stu­di­ed visu­al arts and work­ed as a visu­al edi­tor and pho­to­grapher.

More about Katya



It was curio­si­ty that brought Rijk in cont­act with phy­si­cal yoga prac­ti­ce back in 2012. After years of exten­si­ve Vin­ya­sa and Ash­tan­ga prac­ti­ce in Ams­ter­dam he moved to Ber­lin whe­re he began to feel dis­con­nec­ted with the strict approa­ches to move­ment and the way tea­chings were chan­ne­led.

Curio­si­ty again led him to the Dyna­mic Mindful­ness school whe­re in 2021 he finis­hed the Foun­da­tio­nal Tea­cher Trai­ning with Tat­ja­na Mesar . In trai­ning he lear­ned that befri­en­ding the body, invi­ting ‘play’ in move­ment and sim­ply pay­ing atten­ti­on to ari­sing sen­sa­ti­ons within the body allow for a sus­tainable & joyful prac­ti­ce.

He con­ti­nues his edu­ca­ti­on with Tat­ja­na. When he is not tea­ching or prac­ti­cing you will find him stu­dy­ing the body in the realms of bio­me­cha­nics and ana­to­my, wal­king and occa­sio­nal­ly you will find him doing not­hing, just sit­ting. As a trai­ned com­po­ser for elec­tro­nic music, Rijk is intrigued by the sonic land­scape. As a move­ment and medi­ta­ti­on tea­cher he is intrigued by the body and its inner land­scape.

More about Rijk



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