Breathwork in der Honigseele


The breath is one of the most powerful tools natu­re has gifted us — an anci­ent instru­ment for trans­for­ma­ti­on and self-dis­co­very.

What to expect?

During this 90-minu­te ses­si­on, Lucie will gui­de you through a con­scious con­nec­ted Brea­thwork jour­ney desi­gned to help you estab­lish a deep con­nec­tion with your authen­tic self and quiet the inner dai­ly chat­ter. The ulti­ma­te aim is to lea­ve you with a strong sen­se of self-accep­tance, firm­ly ancho­red in the pre­sent moment.

Why Breathwork?

Brea­thwork extends bey­ond the imme­dia­te ses­si­on, offe­ring a holi­stic approach to well­be­ing. From stress reduc­tion and enhan­ced men­tal cla­ri­ty to deep rela­xa­ti­on, streng­the­ned immu­ne func­tion, and increased mindful­ness, this prac­ti­ce yields endu­ring bene­fits.


  • Intro­duc­tion to Brea­thwork
  • Groun­ding Medi­ta­ti­on
  • 40 minu­tes Con­scious Con­nec­ted Brea­thwork Jour­ney
  • Inte­gra­ti­on (nice to have a jour­nal & pen)
  • Sha­ring cir­cle (no pres­su­re, you can stay in silence as well!)

Good to know

Wear com­for­ta­ble clo­thes, we will pro­vi­de ever­y­thing else for you to be com­ple­te­ly com­for­ta­ble during the ses­si­on.

The ses­si­on will be in eng­lish, unless the­re are only ger­man spea­king atten­de­es.

Don´t eat any­thing hea­vy 2h befo­re the ses­si­on.

Plea­se be on time, the doors will open 15 min befo­re we start.

To ensu­re an inti­ma­te and focu­sed expe­ri­ence, each ses­si­on is limi­t­ed to just 6 peo­p­le. Book your spot in time!

Hap­py to brea­the with you soon. 

Month­ly, every 3rd Satur­day (+some addi­tio­nal once :))

19:00 — 20:30


  • 06.04.
  • 20.04.
  • 27.04.


Boo­king at

Or send an Email to

Urbans­ports­club wel­co­me (+++ small dona­ti­on on top app­re­cia­ted)


Lucie has been a dedi­ca­ted mem­ber of Honig­see­le for a long time. You might reco­gni­ze her from the Pila­tes clas­ses ;).

Pila­tes was also what spark­ed her inte­rest in under­stan­ding our breath bet­ter, as it is a fun­da­men­tal pil­lar and signi­fi­cant­ly influen­ces every exer­cise.

In Sep­tem­ber 2023, she star­ted the brea­thwork faci­li­ta­tor trai­ning with the ‘Spi­rit of Breath Coll­ec­ti­ve,’ lear­ning how breath is used in anci­ent tech­ni­ques and more modern ways, with a par­ti­cu­lar focus on con­scious con­nec­ted Brea­thwork. Lucie gai­ned a pro­found under­stan­ding of the true impact of our breath – bey­ond being a neces­sa­ry and vital part of life. It can actively con­tri­bu­te to our well­be­ing, is cru­cial for our health, and opens pathways to our uncon­scious self and the pre­sent moment.



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